Consider These Factors When Upgrading The Lighting System In Your Facility

As a facility manager, you’re responsible for many facets and aspects of a company. One significant responsibility of a facility manager is that you need to be aware of ways to implement cost-effective measures. Upgrading the lighting system throughout your building is crucial so you can decrease the costs of your electric bills. When doing so, consider these factors when upgrading the lighting system within your facility.


Lighting control systems are a great option for your industrial facility.

Three Lighting Types For Your Lighting System

Depending on your business, you can choose specific lighting for your building. Mostly, people use three significant types of lighting within their facilities. They include the following.

  • Areas that are illuminated comfortably and evenly are done so with general lighting.
  • Task Lighting provides glare-free lighting for specific tasks. For example, task lighting works well with quality control, product assembly, or inventory storage tasks.
  • Accent Lighting is often used in break rooms, cafeterias, and lobbies. It provides a central focal point of illumination that highlights the specific features within an area.

Consider The Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting systems have quite a few benefits over other types of lighting. They produce light much more efficiently. Less wattage is required for each lamp or fixture. As a result, they use less electricity and decrease your electric bills. LED lighting is also free of toxins like mercury that can harm your atmosphere. However, the most significant advantage of LED lighting is its extended lifespan. Some of these lights have the compacity to last up to 100,000 hours.

Signs Your Lighting System Needs An Upgrade

Multiple signs of being aware indicate that your building needs a new lighting system. High maintenance costs and increased utility bills are frequent indicators of an upgrade. You should also consider and be aware of available rebates for your commercial business. Many energy companies and organizations often offer businesses incentivized rebates. Some rebates are for remaining environmentally friendly, while others are for other tax incentives and building initiatives like implementing smart technology throughout your facility. 

Perform A Lighting Audit Before Your Upgrades

Have the professional experts at Green Way Lighting conduct a lighting audit for your property. Upon completion, we will make recommendations for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your indoor and outdoor lighting. During the audit, we also provide detailed reports regarding additional rebates, costs, and the return on investment. 


At Green Way Lighting, we genuinely value the importance of meeting the needs of our customers. Whether you are searching for lighting solutions for your commercial building or residential property, we have the options available to fit all your needs. Reach us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. You can also contact us on our website!





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