Let Green Way Lighting Fulfill All Of Your Lighting Needs

Our lighting is crucial to our everyday needs. Without electricity, our lives would be drastically different. That is why it is important to value what good lighting can do for your home and business. At Green Way Lighting, we take great pride in enhancing our customer relationships, offering the best products and services, and saving money for our clients. 

Green Way Lighting

Let Green Way Lighting fulfill your needs.

Rebates For Your Business

If your business is eligible, you can take advantage of using a resource like rebates. Once you select an energy supplier from your local area, your company might be able to find ways to decrease your monthly bill. It doesn’t matter if you are building from scratch or installing new lights. We collaborate with local energy companies to help lower energy costs for the consumer. 

Indoor Lighting 

We have a wide assortment of light fixtures available for your lighting needs. We can supply your lighting needs from downlights to high bays, linear fixtures, panels, and retrofit kits.

Outdoor Lighting  

We can also supply your outdoor lighting needs as many accessories are available in our inventory. From tenon adapters to bullhorn adapters to wall mounts, we have a vast selection of products. As far as outdoor lighting fixtures are concerned, we have flood lights, area lights, wall packs, sports floods, and garage lights. 


Often referred to as light bulbs, our lamps also come in various selections. We have A-Lamps, BR Lamps, decorative, globes, par lamps, pin-based, and tubed lamps. 

Our Specialties

We specialize in emergency backup drivers and lighting controls at Green Way Lighting. Emergency backup drivers are vital in keeping your lights on in the unfortunate event of an emergency. With our lighting controls, you can configure and customize your lighting experience to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

Elevate Your Lighting With Green Way Lighting

At Green Way Lighting, we genuinely value the importance of meeting the needs of our customers. Whether you are searching for lighting solutions for your commercial building or residential property, we have the options available to fit all your needs. Reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also contact us on our website! 

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