Here Are Four Different Styles Of Outdoor Lighting For Your Home

Using outdoor lighting is a great way to expand your outdoor living space and make those specific areas more functional. As we approach the winter months, lighting is even more vital. As the sun is out during less time this season, outdoor lighting is good as sunset is usually 5:30-6 pm daily. In this blog are several different outdoor lighting types for your home.


Consider these outdoor lighting fixtures.

Ceiling-Mounted Lights For Outdoor Lighting

Ceiling lights typically hang above a door or patio table. These particular lights come in a wide variety of various shapes and sizes. These fixtures work wonders with low ceilings and are visually appealing accent pieces that directly illuminate an area.

Wall Lights For Outdoor Lighting

Wall lights are generally always attached to your wall. These light fixtures highlight architectural features within your landscape. Surrounding your home with wall lights is a great way to project a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for any guest. LED lights are great to have as they are energy efficient for your residential home.

Landscape and Path Lighting

Path lighting guides walkways, stairs, paths, and steps, especially at night. These lights usually mimic light posts. Landscape lighting illuminates your surrounding landscape and architectural elements. Lighting solutions are even more essential as the amount of sun is reduced.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are fixtures that provide a vast amount of lighting within a considerable distance area. Floodlights should be placed at a high distance, so your lighting is damaged and provides the most coverage for your home.


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