Four Methods For Cleaning Light Fixtures Throughout Your Home

Keeping your light fixtures looking new can be challenging. One way to make this easier is by incorporating a regular cleaning schedule for your home. We often focus on cleaning rooms in our homes, but an item that is often overlooked and left unclean is light fixtures. They can frequently accumulate dust and can impact the quality of your lighting. Here are a few ideas for cleaning the light fixtures inside your home. 


Cleaning your fixtures is essential.

Make Sure You Use Natural Solutions

Before your cleaning job, you should make sure that you have an adequate amount of supplies. Microfiber cloths are extremely helpful to have on hand. These material cloths are good to use because they won’t scratch your lighting fixtures. They are also more than ideal for collecting dust. 

Remove Dust From Light Fixtures  

When removing dust from light fixtures, you can use an old-fashioned duster. Or you can use attachments from your vacuum cleaner to remove dust surrounding the fixtures in your home. Microfiber all-purpose cloths are also helpful in eliminating dust as well. It would help if you dampened your rag for extreme cases to help remove additional dust and grime.

Safety First 

When cleaning light fixtures, you should always ensure that the fixture is completely turned off. Your lamp also should not still be emitting heat. One way to make yourself more susceptible to electric shock. Also, when cleaning fixtures that hang from your ceiling, you should always use a ladder and have extra help to ensure added safety. 

Clean Light Fixtures Frequently

Experts recommend that you clean your fixtures at least once a month. However, if you find that your fixtures always tend to accumulate dust, you should make it a habit to clean them more often than usual. 


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