Outdoor Lighting Types For Your Baltimore-Based Commercial Business

Greenway Lighting Outdoor Lighting Options

Consider these outdoor lighting options for your business.

The correct lighting will keep your commercial property and outdoor spaces looking good, safe, and secure. Continue reading to discover the various outdoor lighting options that will help you enhance your business’s visibility while lowering your utility costs.

Canopy Lighting 

Canopies are ideal for structured spaces in commercial settings. The efficiency of LEDs and brightness make them an excellent investment in outdoor lighting. Canopy lights are designed to survive the weather elements and are trustworthy in high-traffic, high-use locations. As a result, they can help make structures and buildings safe and secure for everyone.

Parking Lot Lighting 

Flood and parking lot lighting, of course, aids in keeping your customers and property as safe and secure as possible. They also help your location stand out by ensuring customers that you are open for business. With this form of lighting, you can also repel burglars and criminals. Parking lot lighting can also significantly increase safety surrounding walkways and paths.

LED Wall Pack Lighting

These LED lights are ideal for high-demand commercial and security lighting settings when light is required for an extended time. LED wall pack lighting is generally die-cast aluminum and withstands harsh weather. 

Mini LED Wall Packs

These more miniature wall packs provide powerful illumination, ideal for tiny places. Use this lighting option for gateways, corridors, or anywhere essential structures or information must be more apparent.


At Green Way Lighting, we genuinely value the importance of meeting the needs of our customers. Whether you are searching for lighting solutions for your commercial building or residential property, we have the options available to fit all your needs. Reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also contact us on our website!

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