Here Is Why Your Business Needs A Lighting Control System

Greenway Lighting Lighting Controls

Lighting controls help manage the lighting in your business.

Managing your spending when you own your own business can be difficult. A lighting control system is one thing that can assist in reducing your utility expenses. A lighting control system can control an electric system in your building manually or automatically. Here is why you should consider a lighting control system for your business.

Save Money With A Lighting Control System

According to experts, these systems reduce electric costs with over a 60% reduction in electricity overheads and a 30% drop in lighting costs. That’s also not considering the additional 40 percent you’ll save on yearly utility bills. Installing LED lighting throughout your facilities is also helpful as they are a cost-effective lighting option. Lighting in your commercial property is responsible for 40 percent of your overall energy usage. Also, an additional 30 percent of light is used for unoccupied areas. You can also use motion-sensor lighting as well if you want to enhance your security as well.

Increase Security Measures

Good lighting is a known fundamental element to have when it comes to deterring crime. You can install motion sensors within your lighting to help deter crime. By detecting movement, they will help beef up your security. You can also help trigger an alarm from within most commercial control systems. Using outdoor lighting for your business is also helpful in assisting in illuminating your surrounding areas.

Easy Access

Another benefit of these lighting controls is that you can access them anywhere. Lighting control panels are effortless to use. You can manage nearly all lighting panels from any mobile device or smartphone.


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