Four Benefits Of Linear Lighting For Your Home

Greenway Lighting Linear Lighting Benefits

Reap the benefits with linear lighting for your home.

Linear lighting typically comes as a strip of LED lights. As the name suggests, it’s a line of lights. A linear lighting design allows you to add a continuous lighting line to your home or business. This means more flexibility in your lighting scheme. Linear lighting is ideal for accent lighting and illuminating shelves and cabinets. It also allows you to create dramatic illumination and light up certain hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Let’s examine some of the advantages and benefits of linear lighting.

Enhance Shelving Areas

What better application for linear lighting strips than illuminating various types of shelves? Carefully placing LED linear lights around bookshelves and other shelving adds depth and drama to your home. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do. For example, hidden light strips within shelving units can help books or curios pop’ out of the background.

You Can Add Layers To Your Lighting

If you still have a one-dimensional understanding of lighting, you need to broaden your horizons. The modern lighting aesthetic incorporates multiple and juxtaposed light layers to induce cal effects. Integrating linear lighting in this fashion is an excellent use of the versatility of this form of illumination.

Ceiling Lighting

One of the primary benefits of linear lighting is that it allows for greater flexibility in the design and usage of ceiling lighting. Rather than clunky chandeliers, linear ceiling lights are a great addition to your home lighting scheme. They spread a more diffused and ambient light that doesn’t have the harsher glare of spotlights or other more conventional light sources.

Low Maintenance

Finally, we have to observe that LED linear lighting has the additional advantage of being easy to install and requiring very little maintenance. LED linear lights last much longer than fluorescent lights, up to 13 years in some cases, which means you’ll spend less time changing out new bulbs or replacing lights. They will also help you save on energy costs over the long term. It’s the perfect combination of lighting versatility and energy efficiency.


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