Three Reasons Why You Might Experience Flickering Lights

Greenway Lighting Flickering Lights

Here is why your lights might be flickering.

Power outages are frequently the cause of your lights flickering or going out. The weather could also cause this problem. Mother nature can be harsh at times, which occurs more frequently in some areas. Or there could be a more severe problem with your electrical system or light bulbs. Continue reading to learn more about this problem if your lights are constantly flickering when they shouldn’t.

You Need New Light Switches

Faulty light switches could be the source of your flickering lights. Faulty light switches tend to overheat, which is dangerous. Once you’ve discovered a broken light switch, leave it alone. To resolve electrical system issues, you should always contact a qualified electrician.

Your Electrical System Is Outdated

Another cause of flickering lights is your home’s aging wiring and electrical systems. Appliances and electronic devices in your home can also contribute to this problem. Maintain vigilance over everything, especially your devices. Minor power surges may occur in your electrical system. When your lights begin to flicker unexpectedly, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Your LEDs Require New Dimmers

If you use LED lights with dimmer switches, the controls may need to be replaced. Lights flicker on and off when an electrical circuit is damaged. If you notice any of these signs, your home may be at risk of an electrical fire. It is prudent to take preventative measures to resolve any issues.


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