Here Are Some Helpful Reasons To Consider Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are bulbs that turn on automatically when they detect movement. You can put them outside in garages, stairwells, and yards where you must remember to turn the lights on. Some people even use these bulbs inside their homes. You can enhance your experience by connecting your motion sensor lights to other home security features, such as motion-sensor cameras. These lights are a great way to keep your home safe without the hassle of leaving lights on all night. Here are four reasons to consider installing these lights.

Greenway Lighting Motion Censor Lighting

Consider upgrading your lighting today.

Reduce Energy Bills

Motion sensor lights only turn on when they detect movement, saving you money on your electricity bill. You can even control the brightness and duration of their operation.  Unlike other lighting options, these bulbs require a brief warm-up before turning on. As a result, you can leave them on for extended periods without experiencing a significant increase in energy costs. Some motion sensor bulbs can even be controlled by an app, allowing you to manage them from your phone.

Extend The Life Of Your Lamps

Lamps, like all lighting, lose their brightness over time and must be replaced. When paired with LED lighting, motion sensor lights are an easy way to extend the life of your bulbs. These bulbs only light up when you walk into a room and turn off when you leave. This feature extends the life of your bulb by turning it off when no one is in the room.

Deter Crime With Motion Sensor Lighting

Using security lights to keep your home and property well-lit deters criminals from targeting you for a break-in. Burglars prefer to blend into the shadows, but motion sensor lights make hiding impossible. If you are looking to increase your security measures, motion-censored lighting is a practical way to do so.


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