Understanding The Different Elements Of Commercial Rebates For Your Business

Are you a commercial business owner that wants to improve the energy efficiency of your lighting? There are many ways that you can go about doing so. First, you should be able to find out if any discounts or incentives are offered in your vicinity. Rebates and incentives are becoming more prevalent for businesses that want to become more responsible with their energy usage. Continue reading to learn more about the many elements of commercial energy rebates.

green way lighting commercial rebates

Learn more about rebates and incentives.

Know The Difference Between A Energy Rebate and Energy Incentive

Energy efficiency initiatives sometimes use terms like rebate and incentive in the same manner, which imply the same thing. Most utilities give incentives or rebates, not both. Rebates restore part of the initial payment. On the other hand, an incentive encourages or motivates action. Incentives also tend to have more restrictions associated with them.

It Would Be Best If You Also considered The Following Questions

The questions below should always be considered when searching for rebates and incentives. They include the following:

    • Can non-trade allies apply?
    • Pre-approval or inspection?
    • Do utilities pre-approve contractors?
    • What documents will I need?
    • Is there a rebate/incentive cap?

You Can Get Help Every Step Of The Way

Your energy provider may also help with any questions and issues that may arise with your rebates and incentives.  Rebates and incentives are helpful yet complicated. Understand that big projects and rollout programs may require a specialized rebate manager. Each opportunity may require finding the right rebate or incentive, monitoring and verification, post-project inspection, and submitting documents on time.


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