Consider These Factors For Your Commercial Lighting Design

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Commercial lighting design involves the process of planning and implementing lighting solutions for commercial spaces. It often creates an optimal lighting environment that enhances your commercial space’s functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. Here are some key considerations and steps involved in commercial lighting design.

Focus On Functionality

Determine the critical functional lighting requirements, such as general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. General lighting illuminates the entire space, whereas task lighting concentrates on specific work areas, and accent lighting accentuates architectural details or items.

A Lighting Control System

Integrating lighting control systems is a significant way to improve energy efficiency. This may include occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors, dimming controls, and even automated lighting schedules.

Prioritize Energy Efficient Lighting 

The best way to be energy efficient is with LED lighting. LEDs have a long life, are energy efficient, and can be controlled in terms of light output.

A Lighting Layout With Balance

Create a lighting layout design that strategically aligns fixtures to produce the intended lighting effects. To create a visually appealing setting, balance ambient, task, and accent lighting.


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