Three Types Of Commercial Lighting For Your Business To Utilize

Whether your business involves an office space, a warehouse, or a retail space, commercial lighting significantly impacts how your employees or customers feel in the area. Each type of commercial property has different lighting requirements, so as a business owner, you should educate yourself on the different types of commercial lighting. Below are some different commercial lighting types you should familiarize yourself with.

Task Lighting

As its name predicts, task lighting is supposed to help your employees when working on a task. There’s a variety of sources that can help achieve this type of localized lighting and can also provide adjusting options. This means a particular space or work area can be brighter or darker to suit your business needs. Commercial task lighting is excellent for also reducing glare and preventing eye strain. This is very important because both of these can have a harmful impact on employees, from headaches to a decline in productivity.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is intended to draw attention to a particular area. It enhances the aesthetics and design of the area, putting a dramatic emphasis on shapes, color, and textures. It accomplishes this by utilizing a concentrated light source. This style of lighting should be at least three times more intense towards its focal point than the rest of the lighting in the space to generate this dramatic effect and pull the eye. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting should provide enough light for individuals to see and move around securely and comfortably. This type of lighting can also aid in energy efficiency and cost savings because you can limit your usage to your desired preference. One might also employ standalone lighting fixtures, which can double as task illumination. 


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